Melyna Seeds Private Limited founded in 2017 with an intention to produce and market High quality and yielding seeds for domestic and international farming community. Melyna R & D is recognized by Indian Institute of Horticulture, Bangalore. The company is set with strong policies, processes and committed to bring best quality seeds to market only after performing the Grow Out Test (GOT). The process ensures every lot goes through the GOT and a 2- tire checklist in the entire end-to-end execution. The company sets a goal to achieve “Zero tolerance to quality”. Melyna welcomes and extends hands to work with all channel- partners, competitors; all sections of stakeholders, follows go along with everyone policy.

Melyna Vision

To deliver higher quality & yielding seeds and make Melyna Seeds as a preferable choice to farmers.

Melyna Mission

To provide the best services including innovative quality hybrid vegetable seeds. To maintain ethics, integrity and commitment during the execution of these comprehensive processes. To create and retain strong bonding with all stakeholders and adapt win-win strategy.

Our Promise to farmers

Provide best quality, authentic & high yielding seeds to our farmers that complement their wellbeing.

Definition of Melyna as per Urban Dictionary

A loyal person who will stand by you thick and thin. Can be counted on to tell the truth and be honest and can be trusted. A great person!. Melyna will always make you smile.


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